Let’s look at facts. Defense and international security assistance spending is roughly 20% of our country’s spending. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs comprise roughly 54% of spending combined. The interest on our debt is about 6%, but that number is expected to rise sharply as the size of the debt increases. The national debt stands at over 16.5 trillion dollars and there is no plan in sight to slow the rate of increase, much less decrease the size of the debt. To better understand 16 trillion dollars, keep in mind that scientists believe the universe as we know it has been around for about 13 billion years. That means that this nation is in debt more than $1000 for every year the universe has been in existence.

Let’s look at more facts. In the 1930’s when Social Security was originally created, the life expectancy was approximately 61 years. In 1965 when Medicare was created, the life expectancy was 70.2 years. Now it is 78.2 years. In addition, demographics have shifted from a point where 5 people worked for every retiree in the system to now where a little over 2 people work for every retiree. The bottom line is that people are living longer and taking advantage of these programs much longer than the originators intended. In addition, the shear cost of health care has increased dramatically due to many factors, including better technology. Now that a particular machine or treatment exists, it is difficult to deny to a patient, even if it is expensive. It is simply not sane to believe that these programs are sustainable in their current form.

Now with the fiscal crisis worsening we see in the form of defense sequestration, a complete lack of willingness of the people in this country to sacrifice a perceived entitlement. So instead, the cuts in spending are aimed at the one organization that can not publicly complain: Defense. Half of the cuts are aimed at the one organization that has sacrificed so much already throughout this country’s history and especially in the last decade. The cuts are aimed at Defense because, although most argue we need to cut federal spending, no one is willing to modify entitlements that are not guaranteed in our Constitution, were never intended to provide to so many for so long and are clearly bankrupting our Nation. Think about this and compare to the sacrifices people in this Country made on the homefront during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, or World War II. Families not only stepped up to serve on the front, they sacrificed something at home as well. Right now, less than one percent are willing to serve on the front and no one appears willing to sacrifice at home.

As the sequestration occurs, the military will make due, recover and get the job done. It is what the military always has and always will do. Unfortunately, if it does occur it will mark a turning point in the character of our Nation that we may not be able to recover from. A country unwilling to sacrifice to ensure that those who come after them still have a chance at the American Dream will never understand the sacrifice of the less than one percent who ensure their Freedoms.


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  1. voxlogicae says:

    This puts the aging population of this issue into perspective.

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