Medical Costs and Obesity

Medical Costs and Obesity

On another site I was involved in a conversation about the link between obesity and medical care costs. The attached photo shows obesity rates on the left and medicare costs per person on the right (darker indicates higher rates). Correlation does not mean cause and effect but there is clearly a correlation, particularly in the southeast.


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2 Responses to Medical Costs and Obesity

  1. Richard says:

    This is not a scientific study and it is not peer reviewed, nor does the author provide web links to their alleged sources. Here is a peer-reviewed, scientific study that shows that obesity does not increase life time health care costs, the opposite is true.;jsessionid=8941138AF06EE29D466D56F5F3CB0841

    • voxlogicae says:

      It was actually not meant to be a scientific study, quite the opposite actually. It was meant to show the correlation between two unrelated sources of data. While correlation does not mean causality, there is clearly a correlation between the two.

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