Social Theory

One possible theory on why there seems to be so much political division in the country could be due to social theories.  People tend to associate with groups but they also tend to identify themselves at one level below the group.  To use a sports analogy, if a group of athletes got together from multiple sports they would probably consider and refer to themselves as a football player or basketball player.  However, if a group of basketball players gathered they would probably identify themselves and refer to themselves more by their positions (guard, center).  It is a natural tendency to differentiate one level lower than what the group has in common.

When the country was still involved in the Cold War, there was us and there were the Communists so we identified ourselves at one level lower than the global situation.  Thus we considered ourselves as Americans. Without the clearly identifiable external threat, politically we now identify ourselves one level lower and call ourselves Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.  Unfortunately, the only way that this current situation is likely to change is if we are faced with a clearly identifiable, persistent and external threat like we were during the Cold War or World War II.


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